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If it is getting too much...

 Martin Winkler
After some efforts you are on the ropes. One thing they all have in common: You keep the effort-pictures in mind for a long time. Even after years you are able to tell every detail,

especially when children, young people or mates are affectet,. or when victims look similar to family members (age, hair-, skincolour or other individualities.) The scene is written on your soul, which is a natural reaction in total.

You get into trouble if effort experiences come up as nightmares again at night, if effort scenes come up the whole day and are accompanied with stress, agitation, tachycardia, sweatings and anxiety states, it is time to render assistance to helpers.

It is the job

of the fire pastor to support firefighters with his human nature, and job-related knowledge, to help them during their challenging work.

Main aspects of the fire pastor
  • Accompanying firefighters
  • Consulting during life-crisis
  • Ministering for firefighter
  • Stress management

The Fire pastor is identified with a green vest.
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