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 Association of Freiwillige Feuerwehr Markt Feucht e.V.

The accomplishment of the wide range of work is not imaginable without an intact living-together. The development association is responsible for providing the many aider.

The asscociation contains the active members (75), the passive members, the honory members and the sponsoring ones. The total number of members was 678 st 1st January, 2015. The main function is to cultivate the fire brigade as a community and to represent it at official occasions. The social life is very important for the fire brigade.

There is a versatile programme to force the fellowship, for example social evenings, excursions and events with other associations.


In former times, the pennant was a sign for the location of the commandant. Today it is a sign for the association. Sanctified 24th September, 1977.

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