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A fire brigade can't have enough members! That is the reason why we are always searching for people, who support us monetary or with active work.
In Bavaria you have three different possibilities to become a member in an auxilliary fire brigade:

Youth group

Teens at the age of at least 12 can join the youth group. You can find further information about this topic on the youth group page.

active membership

Active members between 18 and 60 years render their work voluntary. They take part at the training-, working- and of course emergency-service. They don't have to pay contribution for the association, but render their service free of charge.

A firefighter in Feucht takes part in around 18 regular trainings, some further trainings and some seminars during one year. Furthermore, he must handle with 70 to 120 alerts per year. That means that he immolates per year around 200-300 hours of his private free-time to be best educated to help people in emergency.
But besides the mentioned negative topics there are of course also positve aspects.
People who are interested in technical equipment, with technical work, who want to meet unknown challenges, who like good fellowship and who want to help other people of course, are very welcome.

promotional membership

promotional members aid their fire brigade with an annual monetary contribution. The amount of this contribution is currently 10 Euros. This is a relative small amount compared to the contributions of other associations or organisations. Every inhabitant should think about, if he or she could pay this minimal amount of money. Of course the money is earmarked for the fire brigade, that means for purchasing new equipment and so on.
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