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 Training plant for breathing protection

The first training plant for breathing protection in the county was being built in Feucht in 1983. At that time it was the most modern training plant in Bavaria.

A special characteristic is the 3-floor high fence cage, which can be used as a real labyrinth. Climbing points, barricade- and crawl-sections are included. In the heating zone, temperatures up to 70°C can be reached.

The work in a chemical plant can be simulated in a special room.

In the training room, the search and rescue of persons can be exercised. For this the room can be prepared as living-, storage-room or a cellar. Comparing to a real fire, it can be completely filled with smoke.

There is an endless ladder and a stepper in the fitness room, with which the firefighters must attend different training units.

The chief of the training plant observes together with the instructor of the training fire brigade the work from inside of the control room. The training in complete darkness is recorded on video with infrared and a heat-sensitive camera, to have the possibility to see problems and difficulties.

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