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 Types of compressed air breathing apparatus

dräger pa 34 - This apparatus with a "Panorama" mask, was built in the 50s and 60s. It was used in the beginnings of breathing protection. It was not very comfortable, and the corrugated tube between apparatus and mask was very hindering.

dräger pa 80 - compressed air breathing apparatus with a "Panorama Nova" mask from the 70s / 80s A very robust and safe apparatus, which is still used in many fire brigades. All apparatuses of this type are now out off duty.

dräger pss 100 with ESA - The new generation! With a FPS 7000 ESA mask. The fire brigade of Feucht currently owns 14 of these apparatuses. This apparatus is characterised by its very low weight (about 12 kg, the PA 80 has 16 kg) and by its new warning device: the Bodyguard II (see pic).

Bodyguard II - calculates the rest of the time of the firefighter depending on his air requirement. If the firefighter looses consciousness and is not able to make a movement during 30 seconds, the Bodyguard will give a shrill alert signal, to inform other firefighters about the dangerous situation. Furthermore, they can find their lost fellow more easily with this signal. The alert can also be given by a manuel push on the yellow button ("death man alert").

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