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 More equipment concering the field of breathing protection

RZA - to make sure that every firefighter, who goes into a buring house, will come out again and does not get lost, the fire brigade of Feucht built its own bag for "Registration and Time-controlling of firefighters with compressed air breathing apparatuses" (RZA). With this equipment, the firefighter is registerd before starting his work with his data (name, pressure in the air bottles, time and work to do). The working time of a firefighter with breathing protection equipment is limited to 30 minutes. Every working unit of the firefighters does always have connection with the RZA-man and the command via radio. So, it is possible to transfer messages very fast. If it contains that firefighters have no contact with the RZA anymore, the command will be informed and further activities will be planned quickly.

Holster - every breathing apparatus has got its own holster. The content should help during the heavy work. For example the blue loop for a quick rescue of a person who is not able to walk anymore. Door cotters to make sure that the way back is always open. With a holder the tube can be fixed somewhere. The yellow tapes are used at doors to mark that a room was checked and is free of missing persons. With this method, a repeated search in this room is not necessary anymore. So important time can be saved and used for other activities, e. g. firefigthing or further search for people.

Teammaster pro - because of the many hazardous material transportation on the highways around Feucht and because of the many companies which are dealing whith this working field, the firefighters have more often to handle whith this difficulties. That's why the fire brigade of Feucht owns 8 chemical protection clothes "Type 2" They protect the firefighter from many chemicals. Though working with this clothes is not simple because of additional weight, heat accumulation, limited moving opportunities. That's why the working time is limited to 20 minutes.

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